Around the World

This year, Broughton is taking its students on a trip around the world. The annual Broughton International Festival will be held in the cafeteria on December 1st from 5 to 8 p.m.

  The International Festival is one of the many ways that Broughton reflects its values as a Magnet International Baccalaureate (IB) program.

  Every year, students gather to enjoy performances, food, and a silent auction. Booths will be set up to allow students to experience the cultures of different countries, which range from getting a henna tattoo or getting a taste of Asian cuisine.

  If students are interested in participating, volunteers as well as performers are needed. Volunteers can help with food preparation, decoration, and setup as well as cleanup. Past performances have ranged from a juggling routine, break dancers, singing, or playing musical instruments.

  “Being a part of the festival is great because you’re supporting International students and helping them get out of their comfort zone and actually enjoy themselves. They feel like they’re a part of the Broughton community,” junior Tamla Badweh said.

  Past silent auctions have sold items donated by individuals or groups such as art or baskets donated by clubs like S.A.F.E. The money raised from the festival will go towards Stop Hunger Now, an annual meal packaging event that all Broughton students have participated in for the past few years.

  “The International Festival brings out the fun side of people with their friends. It really shows Broughton as a community of students working together and contributing their time, their talent, and their identity. It’s just fun,” Badweh added.