Food, fun at the fair

Photo by Ford Hester

Photo by Ford Hester

  Deep-fried foods, rides and games, intense competition, and crisp fall weather. Over the years, these are some of the things that have come to symbolize the North Carolina State Fair. This year the fair will continue through Sunday, October 23. It will include new food, new rides, and other never before seen attractions.

  “I am very excited about the fair this year, it’s gonna be better than last year,” sophomore Evan Parsons said.

  Aside from the new attractions coming to the fair this year, some things are the same as they have always been. For example, the location is 1025 Blue Ridge Road also known as the NC State Fairgrounds. Another thing that has not changed is the purpose of the fair. It is meant to gather North Carolinians for about two weeks of recreation and competition.

  If you plan on attending the fair, you are going to need to purchase a ticket. Ticket prices vary depending on the buyer’s situation.

  A typical adult ticket (ages 13-64) will cost $8 at the gate. If a ticket is bought in advance, then it will cost $6. Ticket prices for children are $5 at the gate and tickets for seniors are free of cost.

  A trip to the fair will result in never-ending activity for all of the attendees. There are so many things to do.

  There are classic attractions like roller coasters and the House of Mirrors and also new things such as the “Sea Ray” and the “Powers Parthenon Wheel.”

Another exciting thing about the fair is the food. “Fair food” is not just any regular hamburger or hotdog. There are crazy options like deep-fried butter, Krispy Kreme hamburgers, and new this year, the fried bacon pimento cheeseburger egg roll.

“Fried Oreos are amazing,” sophomore Carter Dickinson said.

While none of these items are healthy, they make for a nice treat every year in the middle of October.  

 “I have never been to the fair before but I am going this year because I have heard the food is so great,” said sophomore Wooten Wheless.