Motivational speaker gets students hyped


Reggie Dabbs takes a selfie with Broughton seniors Photo by Jelani Hedley

Alright, alright, alright!

  Reggie Dabbs immediately grabs the audience by getting the students in the auditorium seats as wells as those in the classrooms watching the live feed involved in his motivational performance on Wednesday, Sept.

  He transitions from comedian to a classical saxophonist, making “Let It Go” one of the most beautiful and inspirational songs ever.

  There wasn’t a person that didn’t turn to his or her neighbor in appreciation when Reggie suddenly and unexpectedly gave his musical performance. Alright, alright, alright!

  He then transitioned into comedic motivation, telling students that life is like a roller coaster, and he loves roller coasters.

   “Some days you’re on top of the hill, some days you’re at the bottom, but never get off the ride of life, the phrase of the day is never give up. Say it with me… never give up.”

Immediately after this inspirational quote he went right back to captivating us with his smooth, soul-filled saxophone.

  CNN has called Reggie Dabbs, who talks to more than 1.5 million students a year, the #1 communicator to children in the world.

   His tone easily varies between serious and funny.

  He makes jokes about his weight, his upbringing, and even his race.

  Then comes the 2 minutes and 32 seconds, he says this 2 minutes and 32 seconds is the most important part of the speech. The general story in this 2 minutes and 32 is about how by age 8 he wanted to be dead.

   “You can’t change your past, because that book is already written,” Dabbs said.

  He told the story of his mother’s death and the story of when he found out that his parents were not his biological parents. He did not want to forget his mother’s death because he didn’t want to forget the woman who loved him so much.

    Instead he resolved that “I’m going to live this life so great, I’m going to make her proud.”

  “Just keep breathing, tomorrow holds the answer to the problem of today.”

   His foster mother was his his biological mother’s favorite English teacher and his foster father a high school janitor.

  “I graduated college with a 3.8 GPA because of a teacher. I wasn’t even her kid. The janitor only had a 3rd grade education.  He was my hero,” Dabbs said.

  He finished with a performance of Lifeline. Reggie seems to really like Justin Beiber.

  Dabbs also made an appearance at Moore Square Middle School.