Queen Bey takes Raleigh

  One of the most highly anticipated concerts of the year was performed Tuesday night at Carter Finley Stadium. Beyonce gave Raleigh a great show despite the weather and traffic problems.

  Fans of Beyonce had many unexpected delays but Beyonce fans are loyal to her and stuck it out to the end despite hours of sitting in traffic and a delay halfway through for lightning.

  Carter Finley Stadium was supposed to open for the Beyhive at 5:30 p.m., but fans were asked to wait in their cars for an hour because of the thunderstorm. Many fans came ready for the rain in rain ponchos and some even had trash bags over their heads covering their whole bodies from the rain.

  The traffic was so backed up that people were stuck in traffic an hour after the show started so a lot of fans abandoned their cars on I-40 and walked to the stadium.

  Police agreed not to ticket these cars if they were completely off the road, on the shoulder, and not blocking traffic in any way.

  The concert somehow managed to start on time, but around 10 p.m. the concert was delayed due to lightning. PNC Arena was opened for people to wait out the storm during this time.

  “I was crying when they said that there was going to be a lightning delay because the security guard said that it was going to be cancelled, but an hour and a half later when she said she was coming back on stage I started crying again, this time of joy,” sophomore Margaret Robertson said.

  For the fans that stuck it out Beyonce came back on stage around 11:15 p.m. and with so many people gone the fans that stayed got to move their seats closer to the stage.

  “It took us over an hour to drive the 5 minutes from my house to the concert, we waited for an hour and a half because of lightning, all the roads to the stadium were closed after the concert so it took us two and a half hours to get home, but when I got into bed at two in the morning I knew that it was all worth it, anything is worth it to see Beyonce,” sophomore Grace Boney said.

  Beyonce’s shows exceeded expectations and she managed to pull off a great show even when everything seemed to be going wrong.

  The concert was in the wake of many cancellations and postponements of concerts in North Carolina by other artists as protest to House Bill 2. Bruce Springsteen, Nick Jonas, and Demi Lovato have all cancelled their concerts that were scheduled for North Carolina.

  Beyonce had hinted in an earlier interview that she could possibly be cancelling her show, but she didn’t and her fans could not have been more thrilled.

  Earlier in the year the police union was considering boycotting the show after Beyonce’s halftime performance at the Super Bowl that they believed was anti-police semitism. However, Raleigh police decided not to boycott the show and were present at her concert last night.

  The concert was a huge success and  Beyonce’s fans had a great time.

  “It was unbelievable. Words cannot describe how amazing she was,” sophomore Christian Acree said.