Ladies LAX

  The women’s lacrosse team is just about at the midway point in a promising season. With 10 games under her belt, first year coach Jen Yoder is leading the Caps to what looks like a winning season.

  With 8 wins and 2 losses on the season, the Lady Caps are looking to stay hot and finish out the season with more wins and dive head first into the state playoffs.

  As of right now the Caps sit at 7th in the state, which gives high hopes for the team as the season winds down and they look forward to the state playoffs.

  Senior Farrell Guest, who leads the team in both goals and assists and also leads the conference in total points (59) hopes to lead the team on a run deep into the playoffs to finish off her high school career with a bang.

 The team is not a one horse show, other players also have a big part in the team’s success in this 2016 season.

  With Guest sitting at third in the conference for assists, Senior Hattie Warner is in a close second with 19 compared to Guest’s 20.  

 Junior Carol Siegler also makes the list, sitting at third in assists with 17.  On the other side of the field from these offensive powerhouses,

  Junior Carson Harvey leads the defensive from the goal with the fifth lowest goals against average and the fifth best save percentage in the conference with an average of 6.9 goals allowed per game, and a save percentage of 50 percent.