Stop Hunger Success

This year, the Stop Hunger Now food packaging event brought students together to package 51,000 meals. Students gathered together in the small gym to pack bags of rice, dry veggies, and soy.

  “The day is really fun because the whole school gets to join together and support a good cause by packaging meals,” senior Ella Webster said.

  Some students worked on filling each plastic bag with the food, while others worked on weighing and sealing the packages. Student volunteers helped with refilling supplies, making bags, sanitation, and the overall fundraising. Many of these student volunteers are part of the International Baccalaureate (IB) program.

  The two student heads of the event are Kylee Vaughn and Jordan Diard.

  “Stop Hunger Now is a great opportunity for all the students at Broughton to work on the same project,” senior Jordan Diard said.

  Stop Hunger Now is a global organization that was founded in 1998 in Raleigh by Ray Buchanan. Buchanan was a United Methodist minister and was a U.S. marine during the Vietnam War. He made it his mission to eradicate world hunger and so far, the organization itself has served over 225 million meals worldwide in 73 countries.

  “I really feel like we’re making a difference as an entire student body and that’s pretty amazing,” sophomore Gloria Nsiku said.

  Broughton has hosted Stop Hunger Now for the past four years. Each bag that is packaged costs 29 cents and is sent to developing countries across Africa, Asia, and Central America. This year, bags will be sent to the Dominican Republic.

  “I think that other schools should follow the path that Broughton has created by making programs that help others,” sophomore Candace Silver said.

  The meals sent to these countries will be given to young students while they attend school. This is an effort to promote education in third world countries.

  “Stop Hunger Now is the best thing at Broughton. It’s a wonderful, joyful day and it’s so exciting to have all the students working together to save lives,” IB and Stop Hunger Now Coordinator David Brooks said.

  Volunteers will be coming around to Caps Classes to collect money for the cause. Student are encouraged to donate even a few cents to help children internationally.

  “It’s a little thing we can do to make a big impact,” seniors Isabel Perry and Brienna Kane said.