As the new quarter is beginning for all of the Spanish students, a long career of a beloved teacher comes to an end. Stephanie Gavilan-O’Neal, a Spanish teacher who taught all levels of spanish is leaving Broughton.

Most students who have taken Spanish have likely had Gavilan-O’Neal for at least one of their four years, and they all agree she was an exceptional teacher.

“I’m going to miss her a lot. She was a really good teacher,” sophomore Corbin Holder said.

Gavilan-O’Neal is leaving with a saddened heart to start a new career with her family.

“I’m going to work at a software company as an implementation consultant, also working with former Broughton students. I will help teach teachers and students how to use new technologies,” Gavilan-O’Neal said.

Gavilan-O’Neal will dearly miss Broughton, as she has fond memories of her time here.

“My favorite part of Broughton is the family atmosphere, and I will miss it,” Gavilan-O’Neal said.

Gavilan-O’Neal was a team player who was one of a small group of teachers who volunteered to shave her head for a St. Baldrick’s fundraiser.

She will make sure to continue to support her students no matter where she goes.

“I will make sure to come back for graduation to support my students,” Gavilan-O’Neal said.

But, she isn’t quite done teaching students yet, as she offers up one more piece of advice for all of her students.

“Always challenge yourself, and when you don’t feel challenged, take one on. The only way to evolve is to challenge yourself,” Gavilan-O’Neal said.