Female football at its finest

  October 21st, the day that girls take the field to prove they can play football just as well as boys.

  Powderpuff has returned and the different grade levels have started to discuss strategy for the big game. The sophomores are looking for a chance to redeem themselves since they didn’t have enough players to fill a team last year.

  Powderpuff is two hand touch football for girls. The rules are almost the same as football rules but a little more relaxed.

  There will be four teams, one for each grade. The freshman will play the sophomores and the juniors will play the seniors. Whoever wins those games will play each other in the championship game.

  “Last year I played on the Powderpuff team and it was the best experience of my life. I wish there was a real team for the school,” said junior Sarah Goodwin Brook.

  For the freshman this year it is a great way to make new friends and a fun way to be involved in the activities going around at Broughton. Girls of all grades are encouraged to participate in Powderpuff

  “I think it’s a great opportunity for girls to have their own team in football and I’m so excited for it and what comes after it for homecoming,” said freshman Sarah Wallace.

  The students that competed last year are really excited to get another chance to win the championship.

  “I lost my shoe and chapstick all in the final play,” said Brook.

   Even though the sophomore class didn’t compete last year they are looking for a win and are ready to take on the freshman.

  “Just because we didn’t play last year doesn’t mean we can’t win this year. The sophomore girls are going to be the best team,” said sophomore Maggie Gall.

  The girls of Broughton are going to need the whole school in the stands to support as they play football on October 21st. This year the girls are hoping to make Powderpuff a school wide event.