Reality of Money



More than 200 students learned how fast money can disappear from one’s bank account
in a spending simulation activity on Wednesday, September 30, in the small gym.

In partnership with the State Employees Credit Union Member Education and Outreach, the Career Development Department presented the Reality of Money activity on Wednesday, September 30.

“I think the Reality of Money event was a great opportunity for our students to get a bird’s eye view what real life is like,” CTE Department Chair Deborah Parrish said.

Students received handouts that gave them hypothetical jobs, families and annual incomes.  They went to about 10 stations to find how how much they could afford to spend on necessities such as transportation, health insurance, food and child care.  Those who could afford it also budgeted for entertainment.  Those with good credit could apply for credit cards while others went back to stations to look at less expensive child care and transportation options.

Through the reality of money simulation, students made financial decisions about paying for housing, transportation and other monthly expenses as they are transformed into young adults with jobs and other responsibilities, said Parrish.

Volunteer assisted students as they moved through various expense stations.

The hands-on activity stressed the importance of financial literacy, the limiting effect bad credit has on lifestyle choices and how living within their means allows them to save for their financial future, Parrish said.