Theater goes down the rabbit hole

Theater goes down the rabbit hole

   Follow Broughton’s theater department down the rabbit hole as they perform Alice in Wonderland on October 8 through 10 at 7 p.m. in the Diane Payne auditorium. Tickets will be $5.

  This year marks the 150th anniversary of Lewis Carroll’s classic tale, Alice in Wonderland, and the Broughton theater department is ready to celebrate the story’s success by having it be this year’s fall play.

“It’s such an ageless story. This year we’re ready to present it in a much more creative, interesting way. This version is going to come across as a bit more grown up,” the director of Broughton’s theater program, Julie Florin, said.   

  The department’s performance will be introducing a whole new mix of new elements to the well-known story.

  The chorus will be performing two renditions of the song “Jabberwocky”, based on a poem written by Lewis Carroll during the show, and some Wiley Elementary school students will be making an appearance for the fourth time in Broughton theater history.

  Along with those methods of spicing it up this year, puppetry will also be used in the play. The character of the Cheshire Cat, played by senior Romeo Schneider, will be performed as a human/puppet hybrid.

  “Having puppets in the show will be a cool new take on the story,” senior Bryan Bunch said. Bunch will be playing the part of the White Rabbit.

  The starring role of Alice will be played by senior, Emma Rossetti.

  “Being the lead is scary. Especially since I have to balance this with applying for college, but I’m very excited about doing it with my friends. I like this version of Alice in Wonderland that we’re doing more than the Disney version everyone knows. This will be a lot less dreamy and a lot more adventurous. It’ll be a great introduction to our department for those who have never seen us before.” Rossetti said.