Former CTE teacher arrested

Former CTE teacher Ronald Chewning was arrested February 6 on charges of felony sexual offense with a student and held on a $50,000 bail.

Chewning was a first year teacher and taught graphics, drafting, and design classes as well as the advisor of the chess club.

He was among the younger members of the faculty at 25-years-old and he was known for having a more relaxed teaching style, often guiding his lessons more towards things he thought to be useful for everyday life.

He resigned from his position on February 3 and was arrested February 6 with a court appearance on February 9.

In his first court appearance Chewning asked for a reduction in his bond, but the judge did not grant one.

The crime that Chewning is charged with, sexual offense with a student, is a class G felony according to North Carolina State law.

Conviction of the alleged crime could mean a sentence of from eight months to four years in prison. As far as investigators are aware, Chewning has had no prior felony conviction.

No decision has been made on Chewning’s guilt or innocence as of yet and more court dates are scheduled for the near future.