Course changes affect next school year

Course registration for rising sophomores, juniors and seniors opened Monday and continues until March 6.

Students will have more choices than usual.

In addition, there are several changes ranging from how often you take a class to how much some of them will weigh into your GPA.

The first change includes a plethora of new electives that will be offered to students because of Broughton’s new status as a global studies magnet.

Now students will be able to take Global Studies, Chinese History and Culture, Latin American History and Culture, Mandarin I, Mandarin III, Business and Financial Management, Career Management, Biomedical Technology I, Health Science I, Health Team Relations, Creative Writing I Honors and African- American Literature Honors.

“I think the new elective courses present great opportunities for students, and the Health Science program, in particular, offers students who are interested in nursing, medical or EMT careers an awesome chance to gain knowledge and experience,” assistant principal Katherine White said.

“It is hard to determine how the block offerings may impact the school since we do not know how many students will choose that option,” White added.

Another option that will be offered next year is the block schedule for those taking honors and academic classes.

That means students will have the choice of taking some of their core classes in a 4-by-4 block that meets every day for one semester or continue on the A/B block that meets every other day over the course of a year.

For some, the A/B schedule works great, but others want to put all focus into a smaller set of classes that meet daily.

Another change next year is a shift to the 10-point grading scale for all students.

The current range is on a seven-point scale, beginning with an A ranging from 93-100.

An A will now be 90-100. The lowest passing grade would be a 60-D.

Grades from the past will not be updated, so an 92 from freshman year will still be a B. Incoming freshmen will begin a new system a differently weighted classes that carry honors and AP credit.

To figure out more about these changes at Broughton during the 2015-2016 year, talk to your counselor if you have not already.

Most counselors have met individually with students regarding next year’s schedule through English classes.

Academic changes for the 2015-2016

New Course Offerings:

–Global studies
–Chinese history and cluture
–Latin American history and culture –Mandarin
–Business and financial management –Biomedidcal Technology
–Health Science
–Health Team Relations –African-American Literature-Honors –Creative Writing I-Honors

New Grading Scale:

–90-100 A –80-89 B –70-79 C –60-69 D –0-59 F