Stop hunger event quickly approaching

This year’s Stop Hunger Now event will be held Friday, March, 6, an early release day. The goal is once again to package 100,000 meals but this year the price has increased, meaning students need to raise $29,000.

Students were initially scared of the increase in price. However, this year, students from Cary High School decided to do their own Stop Hunger Now packaging event. They will also package 100,000 meals.This encouraged Broughton students to keep on working hard to package the same number of meals this year.

The Broughton event and the Cary event are slightly different. Broughton students have the help and support of the PTA and the entire student body. Cary’s efforts are being run by a single teacher and a select group of students. This will likely make it more difficult but they hope to achieve

Now. It is a night in the cafeteria with live entertainment, booths representing countries from all over the world, and a silent auction. Armadillo Grill typically caters the event and it’s a unique way to learn more about Broughton’s incredibly diverse student body and all it has to offer.

This year, another event is being planned with the proceeds also going to our Stop Hunger Now packaging event. Seniors Annie Ruhmann and Annie Weidmer are working on planning Broughton’s first fun run.

“Our hope is that this is a fun event where everyone can come together and have fun for a good cause. We aren’t sure yet exactly what type of run it’ll be, but it will be great,” senior Annie Ruhmann said.

These two events combined with donations hopefully adds up and allows Broughton to package 100,000 meals for the second consecutive year.

“We were inspired by the fact that it spread to another school. We are excited about this year. We still have a long way to go but can’t wait.” senior Alex Lewontin said. Stop Hunger Now is an organization that works to fight hunger in countries across the world. They work especially to put this food into schools to reinforce the importance of education. Most of the money raised for the event comes from work by students. It comes in the form of on- line donations by family members and corporate donations. A significant portion of the money also comes from two major events. Each year, Broughton holds an International Festival and the proceeds go to Stop Hunger