Band students have reason to toot their own horn

Another year at Broughton brings another fantastic marching band.

This year the band is doing some new things as a whole and individually.

They’ll still be doing fund- raisers and sports games, but now the marching band is marching in some new parades and incorporating new styles.

Broughton will be featured in The Peach Bowl in Georgia this year.

The Peach Bowl is the annual college football game between the SEC and ACC champions.

This is the first time the band has participated in this bowl game, although they have played in national parades in recent years.

This is a big deal for Broughton because close to 70,000 people will be in attendance.

To raise money for these parades, the band is holding a number of fundraisers this year, including a mattress sale and a fruit sale.

A second fruit sale will be held in the winter. Selling butter braids is another way the band funds itself. More fundraisers are planned for later in the year.

The band program also has several individuals making news this year.

Seniors Phillip Cave and Abby Bugger participated in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade in New York City with the Great American Marching Band.

Earlier this year Annie Bennett was named in the All National Jazz Ensemble and played in Nashville, Tennessee.

Caroline Webb was accepted into the US Army All American Marching Band as a member of the color guard. She was one of the 24 applicants accepted out of over 2000. Broughton’s band is one of the most celebrated bands in the state as can be seen by visiting the band room. The walls around the room are covered in state seals and awards from the band’s frequent exhibitions and competitions both in the triangle area and abroad, going to Florida for competition many times.

The band is led by Mrs. Harrison, who, each year tries to reinvent the band’s program.

The band has performed an immense variety of setlists ranging from a Beatles medly during the half time at football games to famous film scores such as the title tracks from famous movies like Jurrassic Park and the Indiana Jones series.

A student favorite section of the band is the drum line. Each football game and assembly includes a rousing percussion performance from the line.