Hackers target Zoom and Google Meet

   Due to the coronavirus pandemic, people are not able to meet in person so they have to turn to group facetime platforms such as Google Meet and Zoom. As these platforms increase in popularity, hackers have become more interested in invading and disrupting these meets. 

   Zoom and Google Meet hackers do not discriminate against the types of meetings they bomb. From business meetings to virtual classrooms, no type of meeting is safe. These hackers make it their goal when invading meetings to disrupt it whether that’s by screaming into the mic or sharing inappropriate pornographic images. Zoom and Google Meet hackers primarily get access to these meets through Twitter where people are posting the link to their Meets and Zooms.

    A tech website, The Information, experienced a zoom hack in which the hacker shared pornographic images to the zoom. The hacker made multiple accounts so it would be hard for the meeting leader to kick them out. These virtual meeting hackers are creative and know what they are doing.

   Google Meet bombings are happening locally in Wake County as well. One instance took place at Millbrook High school. “At least 20 staffers at Millbrook Magnet High School in Raleigh reported that their live instructions were disrupted when intruders got access to their classes this week.” ABC 11 reported Oberlin Middle School also reported one class being invaded. It was later discovered that hackers were able to get in the virtual class meet due to the link being shared.

   In order to prevent Zooms or Meets from being hacked, links should not be posted or shared. Even stating or talking about an upcoming Zoom or Meet on social media opens up the opportunity for hackers to be informed about the meet and try to find a way to get in.