Remembering Diana Spencer: the people’s princess


Lady Diana Spencer and Prince Charles driving to St. Paul’s Cathedral for their wedding, Photo courtesy of Smithsonian Magazine

Madison Pulley, Reporter

   The people’s princess has returned to everyone’s thoughts after the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Lady Diana Spencer, formally known to the public as Princess Diana, was admired by all. She was renowned for her activism and charisma, earning her a role in society to ensure she would not be forgotten.

   On September 8th, 2022, at the gates of Buckingham Palace, citizens of the United Kingdom laid flowers and sweet sentiments in honor of their fallen queen. Tears were shed and opinions were outspoken. An estimated 15,000 tons of flowers were laid for Princess Diana in front of the palace, all by people who looked up to her.

   Diana Frances Spencer was born on July 1st, 1961 in the Spencer estate, Sandringham House, an issue of Viscount John Spencer and Viscountess Frances Roche. Being a daughter of the Viscount installed many opportunities awaiting her in the future, especially those in accordance with the Royal family. 

   Lady Diana often spent her holidays with the Royal family- Queen Elizabeth and her sons- Prince Andrew and Prince Edward, spent their free time at Sandringham House. Diana grew close with the boys but nothing came of it until nearly 10 years later.

   Diana first met the Prince of Wales, now Charles III, when she was 16-years-old, in 1977. The Prince was 29 at the time and dating Diana’s older sister, Sarah. Reports say that Charles was immediately interested in Diana. Years of courtship commenced for Charles to finally propose to Diana in 1981, at Windsor Castle. The wedding of Lady Diana was perhaps the event of the century- it was dubbed a fairytale wedding and viewed by over 750 million people worldwide.