Meet our new Student Body Officers!

Anne Russell Kibbe

Elections were held for our 2020-2021 student body officers in August. Will Hardesty is Student Body President, Zachary Elis is Vice President, Kiki Klibson is 2nd Vice President, and Braxton Bond is Secretary/Treasurer. 

   When asked about their goals for the year as a student body leader, the officers responded in these statements:

   “I would say my main goal for this year is for all Broughton students to feel connected and welcomed in our Broughton community. I think it will be a challenge figuring out how to virtually hold events but as long as we all work together we can do anything. I think this year will be a great one and I can’t wait to start working!” Hardesty said.

   “I’m excited to find ways for Broughton to interact with the student body while we’re not together in the building,” Elis said.

   “My goals this year is to meet a lot of new people and create a loving Broughton family. I also want to promote sports arts and clubs as much as I can.” Klibson said.

  “Even though this year is going to have a lot of challenges, it will be the other officers’ goal and my own to make this year the best we can. I’m also very excited to come up with new activities for the student body while in remote learning.” Bond said. 

   Although this year looks different, Broughton is excited to have these students in the leadership positions to make it a great year.