Staying focused…virtually

Essie Corbett

As the new school year begins, students around the country are getting used to online classes. While some students enjoy being in the comfort of their home, others struggle to stay focused and motivated. Because they are not in the classroom, students are more easily distracted and often lack the motivation to complete assignments once their meetings are over.  Family members, phones and clutter can all prevent students from focusing on their teachers.  

    Even though it is easy to find yourself thinking about other things, paying attention is extremely important. One easy way to eliminate distractions is by putting your phone away. By moving your phone out of reach, you are much more likely to stay focused on what is in front of you, instead of getting carried away scrolling through social media or texting your friends. 

   Another way for students to stay on task is by keeping their school area neat. Clutter is distracting and creates unnecessary stress. Increasing stress levels affects both productivity and the ability to focus. 

   Finally, remembering to take breaks throughout your day, especially before starting homework, is very helpful because when you return to your work you will feel refreshed and ready to focus.    Creating a learning environment specifically for class and studying is beneficial. ICON School is an online school resource center. In a blog post, they write, “Wherever you decide to do your work, consider this place a school-focused area and don’t let yourself get up until you’ve put in your time.” By separating your school and home life, you can increase productivity and focus.