How restaurants are responding to the Coronavirus

How restaurants are responding to the Coronavirus
New outdoor seating at The Flying Biscuit Cafe (Credit: Facebook)

What happens when popular restaurant businesses shut down in the midst of a global pandemic? In the spring of 2020, this was the case for millions of businesses around the world. The Coronavirus had a major impact on many businesses but most people wouldn’t think about restaurants shutting down until they get ready to place an order or eat out and their website says, “Due to COVID-19 we are not conducting business for the time being.”

   But it didn’t take long for many food businesses to find a way to keep on providing for the public. Many restaurants came up with unique and effective ways to continue serving delicious food and to keep their businesses open. One of Cameron Village’s most popular brunch spots came up with a fun and unique idea to social distance dine in service. By closing parking spaces and adding turf and some outdoor decor, Flying Biscuit created a larger outdoor space to incorporate more separation between tables. 

   Sushi O, a local restaurant in downtown Raleigh owned by a Broughton family has found adjusting to the pandemic and needs of the customers challenging. John Tang is the owner of Sushi O and a Broughton parent.

   “We have learned new ways to do business like when we went into lockdown, we had one night to figure out a completely different service system for takeout only, what staff we were able to keep working safely, buying extra supplies and food, etcetera. It was a big change of doing the same business but in a different way, and I think that is something we have all learned through Covid, is that we are all on the same boat, and we are able to still do the same things in life before Covid but just in new ways which will give us a learning experience we can all grow from,” commented Tang. 

   In most restaurants today, the employees are required to wear masks. By enforcing these guidelines, restaurants t can have employees back working in the kitchen. Another service that has skyrocketed since the pandemic has been delivery and curbside pickup services for fast food as well as high end restaurants. Using these resources limits contact with people and public places and helps lessen the spread of the virus. At the beginning of the pandemic, most places were not allowing dine in, but, slowly, some have begun opening up their dining rooms to a limited capacity.