Top 10 crystals

   Throughout history, crystals have been documented in a variety of civilizations. From being used in religious worship to spiritual and healing practices to just decoration, these extravagant little rocks have been a prevalent fascination. So, among the thousands of crystals that exist on this planet, which are the most enchanting? Here’s our list… 

  1. Malachite: This smooth green jewel has earned its place amongst crystals, as just its appearance alone can captivate its beholder. The deep green lines personify the natural healing of nature and the flow of energy. It also contains multiple transformative properties, as it is also called a “stone of transformation.” It assists its owner in changing situations and invites overall change into their life to help them grow. It stimulates one’s spiritual and emotional side and absorbs negativities. Not only does it clear one’s mind, but also the atmosphere. It protects against radiation and clears electromagnetic pollution.
  2. Rose Quartz: Of the many types of quartz, rose quartz is one of the most popular. With its rosy name, one can already guess this gem has a pink appearance. Coined as the “stone of love,” this stone focuses on healing the heart and inviting positive energy into one’s life. It promotes love of all kinds; self-love, friendships, family relationships, and significant others. A calming atmosphere surrounds this stone and it’s a reassuring little trinket to keep in your pocket throughout the day.
  3. Amethyst: As one of the most powerful stones, amethyst always has your back. This mineral takes on vibrant purple color and naturally a rough texture. Also known for being the February birthstone, amethyst contains many intuitive, healing, and protective properties. This crystal is known most for its cleansing and opening of one’s mind. It helps its owner become more wise, aware, and intuitive to their life and everything around them. While it helps with growth in this sense, the stone also doubles to heal and protect against negativity.
  4. Tiger Eye: This red-orange stone has fierce stripes of black across its smooth surface that characterizes the fierceness of this crystal. This empowering stone is perfect for those that struggle with anxiety and helps to stabilize one’s emotions to help them feel in control. Since it is a stone that comes from deep within the ground, it has many grounding skills and is a stone of confidence. Connected with the throat chakra, it helps a person find their voice and courage. Tiger Eye is the ideal stone to have during a stressful situation.
  5. Lapis Lazuli: This royal blue, gold speckled stone was used to represent the high class in ancient civilizations. The stone still carries these high-class properties with it by instilling its owner with confidence and attracting wealth into their life. Its deep blue color also represents the deep peace, thinking, and harmony it brings with its presence. Many mages used to use this stone in the practice of magic, and this property was actually reflected in the popular video game “Minecraft” as a way for the users to enchant items using the crystal.
  6. Obsidian: Coming from a volcano, this volcanic glass crystal has a black glossy appearance with some purple and blue iridescent reflections. This stone was created through metamorphosis, therefore also bringing transformation into one’s life to become their best self. This is also through its purification properties to cleanse someone of their emotional trauma and helping them to feel more grounded and secure in their life. This crystal can best be described as the therapist of the crystals with its nurturing vibe.
  7. Amber: With a honey-colored look, a rich glow emits from this gem as it has a warm and inviting presence. This stone is stimulating and invokes one’s social and outgoing side. It also promotes confidence, self-expression, and overall creativity. The stone’s warm vibe relieves stress and depressive emotions and encourages spontaneity in its beholder. It also helps in decision-making and in stressful situations.
  8. Moldavite: Similar to malachite, this stone has a light green color and inspires change in one’s life. However, the major difference between these two stones is the intensity of moldavite. Moldavite is a dramatic and powerful stone; it cleanses one’s life of all negativity through a variety of intense changes. Owners of this stone need to be fully educated and prepared for its full effects, as some can not handle the frequency and spontaneity of it. The stone is constantly working for the betterment of one’s life but can bring in negative situations in order to achieve that. These do eventually lead to immense fulfillment and positivity in one’s life, but it sure is a rough journey.
  9. Jade: A rectangular turquoise stone with gold details known for the luck and happiness it brings. Jade has the power to provide one with the courage to welcome new things. If you find yourself having trouble within your relationships, Jade is the stone for you as it will amplify the level of maturity and honesty within your relationship. Jade is even said to have the power to benefit organs such as the kidney, bladder, and spleen. This stone can be worn as jewelry to carry its powers with one throughout the day.
  10. Selenite: This crystal takes on a tubular shape with a cloudy white color. If you are having trouble in your work environment, this is the crystal for you. This crystal is said to increase team spirit and cleanse any room it is placed into. These crystals can even be utilized in the form of a lamp. Selenite lamps are known to clear negative energy from a room by providing pure white light. Another benefit of purchasing this crystal is that it will cleanse and charge your other crystals. If you are prone to having nightmares, this crystal is a must-have as it is known to prohibit scary dreams and aid with insomnia.