Best Dance at Broughton

We have three dances, all a great amount of fun, but if it were narrowed down to just only have one dance, which would you choose.

Starting in the first quarter we have the Sadie Hawkins dance. Some may say Sadie Hawkins is the most fun. Sadie Hawkins is a laid back dance. No need for the boys to go out and be forced to find a tuxedo, bowtie, and cummerbund.
“It is my favorite because I can just go in my closet and wear clothes I already have instead of having to go to the store and rent or buy a tux.” Sophomore James Hodges said.
Although the hang-loose feel of Sadies is appealing and very much fun, Queen of hearts is in February, also known as the month of love. What does that mean? That means that Queen of Hearts, otherwise know as QOH, can start relationships that last a lifetime.
Queen of hearts is also a much more formal dance so boys and girls are usually forced to go out and purchase or rent a new wardrobe just for one night. This is not always a bad thing though. Everyone deserves to have a classy night.
“I love dressing up and wearing a tuxedo and taking my hot date out for a night. It makes me feel like a true gentleman.” Junior Foster Harvey said.
Do either of these dances even compare to Prom? Well some may say they don’t like prom at all because it is restricted to just juniors and seniors. Others may say they love it because they don’t have to deal with those underclassmen. Prom is also formal with a tuxedo but the girls can wear short dresses.
Prom is always fun for the upperclassmen. It gives them a break from underclassmen.
“Prom is my favorite because I get to dress up like James Bond and then I don’t even have to talk to underclassmen. That is a perfect night in my eyes.” Senior Jimbo Stanley.
I did a poll of 25 random students to see which of the three dances is the student bodies favorite. 6 voted for Sadies, 12 voted for Queen of hearts, and 7 for Prom.
“What makes Qoh the best?” I asked those who voted for Qoh
The most common answer ran along the lines of: “I just love qoh because of all the buildup and the assembly the day before. It makes the dance feel much more special.”