Perfect presents

Ho Ho Ho! It’s the most wonderful time of the year again. With the Christmas season back in town it is time to talk about my personal favorite topic, Christmas gifts. While these gifts differ from grade to grade, person to person, something almost everyone can agree on is that there is nothing better than coming downstairs to see that Santa Claus has taken a bite of your cookies, drinken your milk, and left you a few presents.

  Some people enjoy Christmas for the gifts, while others enjoy it for the time off from school.

  “I enjoy our holiday break for the love and joy of the Christmas season.” Senior Donald Cayton said.

  Everyone has that one gift in the back of their mind that they have either wanted forever or that they received. I did my best to uncover all of these secrets about people’s true desires on the 25th of December.

  “The Ti-84 plus calculator has been my dream Christmas gift for awhile now. It even comes with interchangeable screen colors.” Sophomore Aaron Huntley said.

  “My best Christmas gift is my Italian exchange student, Enrico. He’s my best friend.” Sophomore Dante Oliva said.

  While these viewpoints differ greatly, it shows the amount of diversity here at Broughton. Something that one student asks Santa for could be the complete opposite of what someone else asks for. On Christmas, there is no right or wrong gift to receive.

  Something else that I noticed while doing research was that the difference in teachers favorite gifts and student’s favorite gifts isn’t that much.

  “My favorite Christmas gift was my trampoline as a kid. We figured out pretty quickly that it made a great wrestling ring.” Humanities teacher David Christian said.

  “My PRS is my favorite gift that someone has ever given to me was from my parents for christmas my freshman year.  It is currently the only guitar that I use, and I like it a lot.” Junior Lee Sullivan said.

 A guitar and a trampoline, two classic Christmas items. While times are changing and new toys are constantly being released, there are just some classics that will be in the limelight of Christmas day for years to come.