Top ten books we’re required to read


  • The Great Gatsby


Who doesn’t love the fascinating life of Jay Gatsby?


  • To Kill A Mockingbird


Why can’t every man be like Atticus Finch? This book makes you want to take a step back in time.


  • Night


A realistic depiction of Holocaust life for a Jew.


  • The Catcher in the Rye


Oh, Holden. Hell hath no fury like a Sally Hayes scorned.


  • Tess of the D’Urbervilles


Forget team Edward or team Jacob. Are you team Angel or team Alex?


  • A Raisin In the Sun


How would you spend $10,000?


  • Huck Finn


Jim and Huck are #bestfriendgoals


  • Romeo and Juliet


The inspiration behind Taylor Swift’s hit single, Love Story. I know you want to read it now.


  • A Farewell to Arms


Frederic meets Catherine, Frederic gets Catherine, Frederic loses Catherine.


  • All the King’s Men


Could Humpty Dumpty have a thing for sluts on skates?