Pollution levels lower as Coronavirus cases rise


Madelyn Pugh

   The coronavirus that has taken over the world has caused governments of many different nations to institute stay at home orders. People staying home has lowered the amount of carbon dioxide being emitted into the air, since people are not leaving to go to work and school every morning.

   Factories have also been closed to protect the workers from being in a high risk environment for contracting the virus. Factories not being able to run have left the air with extremely lower levels of nitrogen dioxide and carbon dioxide than last year.

  Los Angeles is known for its polluted air, but right now due to stay at home orders it has the cleanest air out of any major city. The water in the canals in Italy is  so clean and clear from lowered pollution that fish and dolphins have been seen swimming within them. Citizens in China are able to view clear skies for the first time in years due to the shutdown of production and factories. 

   “China’s carbon emissions were lower  25% in the four weeks following the end of the Lunar New Year holiday.” According to the Chicago Tribune but, once restrictions are lifted and people are able to return to their everyday lives, will pollution levels go back to the way they were or will governments use this as a lesson and continue the trend of decreased production?