Fort Bragg deployment to join forces against Russia


(Above: Fort Bragg troops prepare for deployment), Photo courtesy of ABC7

   Just about an hour away, families in Fayetteville, NC are preparing to once more say goodbye to their loved ones as they depart to Europe to represent the United States amidst the Russian Ukrainian turmoil. Fort Bragg’s 82nd Airborne Division is sending 3,000 more soldiers to Poland to join the 1,700 soldiers who had been previously deployed. This means a total of 4,700 troops will be on European ground. 

   The 82nd Airborne unit usually is the first to get called to duty due to the fact that it can quickly mobilize within 24 hours’ notice. The Pentagon has informed families that their presence will focus mostly on training and securing the U.S.’s position in this conflict. There are no plans for the troops to go into Ukraine or engage in any combat, but the situation could shift quickly at any moment.

   Along with the tragedy of family members and friends being deployed, businesses are also being affected by the decision. Sesselie Henry, manager of Hummingbird Candle Company, is a Fayetteville local and shared her opinion on the issue. Her father was also in the Army, so she relates to the struggles of military life and its roots to the citizens in Fayetteville.

   “They have to find babysitters; it’s COVID still,” Henry tol ABC11. “All these situations are still happening, so I feel like a lot of businesses and not just my business here in Fayetteville feel the impact of any deployment,” she continued. 

   Another Fayetteville resident, Danny Fair, owner of Pierro’s Italian Bistro, was also in the military. Knowing first-hand the urgency of this issue, Fair can sympathize with families and businesses alike. Concerning his own business, Fair estimated that about sixty to seventy percent of his customers are related to the military.

   As well as deploying troops to aid in these foreign affairs, President Biden has announced an evacuation of all Americans in Ukraine. While Fort Bragg troops are set on training, John Kirby, a spokesman for the Pentagon, did not rule out the possibility of their paratroopers assisting with the evacuation. Moreover, he stated “no active efforts in play to militarily evacuate American citizens” according to The Fayetteville Observer. 

   Generally looking at future advancements, it is unknown whether or not Russia will actually invade, but it is unlikely that they will do so. With the presence of this plausible threat, North Carolina Sen. Thom Tillis among other Republican senators have produced a bill that would impose sanctions on Russia and further support Ukraine. The main purpose of this legislation is to force “damaging sanctions on Russia” reported The Fayetteville Observer. 

   The duration of time troops will spend overseas is unknown, but their plans are currently set on solely training with Polish forces and preparing relief facilities for Americans, putting families’ worries at ease.