The annual fair story


   Everyone loves the fair, right? The fair brings out the best in people with the delicious foods and thrilling rides. Starting October 24, the annual fair is making its return after a long year and a half.

   When the pandemic hit everyone assumed that the virus would be gone shortly. Almost two years later COVID-19 has grown into an everyday reality. Even though Covid is still spreading, rides have been set up and fans are flocking to the fairgrounds from all over the state. Masks are not mandatory at the fair this year causing many people to feel uncomfortable. This would have to do with the low numbers this year of people attending the fair.

   The fair being back in business brings a sense of pre-pandemic life. Despite the absence of the fair last year, the food, ride, and environment are all still the same. The parking is still a headache.“I went to the fair Saturday night, and parking was extremely difficult,” sophomore student Sadler Marshall said.

   Being there you can experience many different things and you can try some strange foods as well!   

The state fair contains more than 70 different rides. The fair holds many spinning and dizzy rides as well as rides that drop 100 feet. You can also bungee jump on a trampoline at the fair! If you love animals, visit the livestock area on the fairgrounds!

   The fair is bringing in two new rides this year. They are known as the “Itsy Bitsy Spider Wheel” and the “Sky Hawk.” 

   Every night at around 9:45 pm you might hear loud boom-like sounds depending on how far away you live from the fairgrounds. Those boom-like sounds are fireworks that go off every night from the fair. The fireworks are given off from gate eight.

   The fair is a great experience if you haven’t been.