The best restaurants in Raleigh

   So many restaurants in Raleigh yet still don’t know where to go? There are over 15,000 dining facilities to choose from. We all know in order to stay alive, you must eat; so why not eat good! The best ten restaurants in Raleigh can vary from person to person, but my personal favorites are as follows.

  1. Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar: This restaurant has a wonderful combination of outdoor and indoor seating. The facility is very well organized. When the pandemic hit, Bad Daddy’s offered a take-out and curbside option when ordering food. Their food is high quality and always has a great atmosphere, with multiple TV’s to watch every kind of sports game.
  2. Cantina 18: Personally, I love Mexican food. Cantina 18 has a large range of seating, both indoor and outdoor. Their restaurant is two stories tall and is filled with large areas upstairs for big events to take place.. Cantina 18 is in a great location as it is just minutes away from Broughton and in the lively Village District shopping center. There are many shops and a wonderful ice cream store down the street. If you ask me, eating a luxurious meal then walking down the street to eat ice cream sounds like a pretty ideal plan.
  3. Angus Barn: If you are looking for a unique dining experience, the Angus Barn is the place to go. As you walk through the doors into the restaurant you might think you got the address to a fancy farm rather than a four and a half star restaurant. Because of its one-of-a-kind experience, reservations are very hard to come by. The name is quite literally what the area looks like. A barn. You are eating in an opulent barn surrounded by amazing lights. Most large group events or wedding receptions take place here. The Angus Barn provides multiple course meals making sure you will get the best of all types of meals they offer.
  4. Cowfish: Cow and fish, pretty ironic right? This restaurant as you might have guessed has a large variety of food, with options ranging from sushi to a simple grilled cheese. However, rather than the food, the atmosphere is what places Cowfish high on my list. A large, fascinating fish tank that is quiet sits in the middle of the restaurant. If you are looking for a restaurant to eat at for your birthday, Cowfish is the place to go because they will provide your table with a free and delicious cake.
  5. Benelux Coffee: To start my day, I always drink a cup of coffee. Benelux Coffee has the best variety of appreciable coffee. They also have a menu with an assortment of breakfast meals. I really enjoy their breakfast bagels and Belgian waffles. They always taste better than anytime my mom has ever tried to make them. 
  6. Mo’Joes Burger Bar: If you like homemade ranch then this restaurant is for you. The best combination is having a side of fries and ranch to dip them into. Mo’Joes has a great area for you to sit down and eat a quality meal with friends or family. The food there is amazing. Another plus is your pets can tag along as the restaurant is pet friendly.
  7. Vic’s Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria: Italian food isn’t always my favorite, but Vic’s is an exception. Not only is the food delicious, but the restaurant has an efficient take-out system. You can always count on this restaurant for getting your order right in a short amount of time. Vic’s pizza has a great consistency and taste.  Their pasta is always delicious and well made.
  8. Morgan Street Food Haul: The new addition of the Morgan Street Food Haul in Downtown Raleigh was a very profitable investment. The food haul has 21 different options for food. The dining style is awesome; you can sit wherever because there is a lot of seating. The food haul has a rolled ice cream restaurant called “Raleigh Rolls”. You cannot find rolled ice cream anywhere else in Raleigh!
  9. Armadillo Grill: Most Broughton students are familiar with Armadillo Grill. This high-demand restaurant is located near Broughton and Downtown Raleigh. They serve savory Mexican food. Ordering at “Dillo” is simple. You fill out a sheet and check the boxes off for what you want and then pay. Armadillo Grill is always efficient and fast. 
  10. Randy’s Pizza: The flat, large, New York style of their pizzas is why I love Randy’s so much. However, the restaurant doesn’t just serve pizza; it also serves a variety of salads. You can sit down and eat but you can also call in and pick up your own pizza. So easy!