Tiger Woods suffers injuries after life-threatening car crash

   Found unconscious and trapped with blood on his face, a local resident notified authorities of Tiger Woods’ rollover crash. This unfortunate event took place on Feb. 23, in a wealthy residential area outside of Los Angeles. Woods, a famed American professional golfer, was driving at high speeds when he clipped the median separating each direction of the road. This then caused him to cross the median and oncoming traffic side where he flipped and rolled his car 400 feet to a halt in some brush on the side of the road. 

   Although Tiger Woods is known for having a background of legal issues including a careless driving citation and a DUI arrest in which he had five drugs in his system, he may have some evidence on his side this time. The stretch of road on which he crashed has been involved with 13 accidents since last January. The Los Angeles sheriff’s department later informed the public that they did not believe that Tiger was under any influence when they observed him as he gained consciousness.

  The Los Angeles County Fire Department had to cut the 82-time PGA tour winner out of his car through the windshield using the “jaws of life” tool. Following this, Tiger was rushed to a local hospital where he was treated for his injuries. Tiger underwent emergency surgery to help repair his right leg and ankle as it had many injuries, including fractures to his upper and lower fibula and tibia, as well as trauma to his muscle and soft tissue.

   Tiger had not competed in a PGA tournament since November of 2020, due to a back pain-related surgery. He placed 38th in this tournament and was on the verge of a return. His plan was to return in time for the 2021 Masters which is scheduled for April 5-11. Unfortunately now for Tiger, he will not get the opportunity to compete in the Masters or the US Open, which he has won an astonishing three times throughout his career. In 2012, Tiger would fall short of winning where he placed 21st in the US Open. The winner happened to be Webb Simpson, a  Broughton graduate, now turned PGA golfer. 

   Tiger has lived through a life of ups and downs assessing his ability to bounce back. Doctors have said that Tiger will need an extensive recovery and are questioning whether he will ever compete again. Now we wait to see if Tiger will ever lift a trophy again.