EA Sports: College Football


   This summer on July 9th will mark eight years since the popular video game company Electronic Arts, commonly known as EA, has released a College Football video game. When NCAA Football 14 was released, many fans did not expect it to be the last game that would be released for almost another decade. NCAA Football was one of the few games developed by EA that would have a new edition year after year. Up until NCAA 14, the series had 21 games, dating back to 1993.

   The company discontinued the production of NCAA Football games because of issues with the use of players’ likeness. EA decided not to renew the licensing agreement because of fear of lawsuits from players and universities alike.

   After the game was discontinued, NCAA 14 became a hot commodity in the sports gaming world. Even though EA sold around one million copies of the game originally, the game is sold on eBay for anywhere from $80-$200. 

   Many players’ favorite part of NCAA 14 was Dynasty Mode, a mode in the game that allowed you to become the head coach of any college football team. Dynasty Mode allowed players to recruit high school athletes, change positions of players, cut players, control gameplans, and play games with the hopes of someday winning a National Championship.

   Another mode that always got attention from players was the Road to Glory game mode. In Road to Glory, players were allowed to create their own custom high school player and become any position they want, sort of like a career mode. The ultimate goal of the game mode was to be recruited by colleges and go on to try to win the Heisman Trophy.

   A group of underground video game developers even made a modification that can be downloaded to the game called: NCAA College Football REVAMPED. The video game developers took current rosters and jerseys and developed a modification to the game.

   A few weeks ago, on February 2nd, EA Sports shocked the nation when it announced the release of a new game named EA Sports: College Football. The game is expected to be released in late 2022 or early 2023, according to the EA Sports Twitter account. 

  Many fans now question who will be on the cover of the game and how exactly the game will be played. Will the game be similar to NCAA 14? Will all teams be available? The College Football fanatics are soon to find out with EA Sports releasing information about their newly announced game every week.