The new educator in the White House


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Dr. Jill Biden speaking at a stop on the presidential campaign trail.

   “Teaching is not what I do, it is who I am,” The first lady, Dr. Jill Biden excitedly explained.  She is not only going to do her national duties as a prominent political influencer, but keep her teaching job as a tribute to her independence and passion toward her work. 

   Dr. Jill Biden is an educator who received a bachelor of Fine Arts in English, two Master’s degrees, and her doctorate of Education from the University of Delaware. Dr. Biden has taught at high schools, colleges, and a psychiatric hospital for young adults. 

   Even in this day and age, women still have a tendency to compromise their positions in the workforce if the husband’s position is more prominent.  In Jill Biden’s case, it is merely an after thought that her location of being a white house representative affects or distracts her from her true passion for teaching. Wives sometimes seem to have this unspoken understanding that it is important for the man to do such things, and they will be along for the ride. 

   Well what if they don’t want to just be “Along for the Ride?” Dr. Biden is not willing to do so. She wants to be gracious and looked up to as the First Lady and do all the duties that come with this honor as well as continue teaching as a prominent educator, and she achieves both flawlessly. 

   Because Biden is an Educator there is a new “in,” to the fixing of our education system.  There has always been this small grievance with the education system and its unfairness towards educators, be it pay or working conditions. Teachers cannot always find a way to get their voices to be heard, and now there is a fresh new perspective and unspoken agreement for her to help with these matters.

   “As an Educator, “ Says Broughton Teacher, Laura Woods, “I hope she is able to raise awareness about teachers.  Maybe that awareness will allow teachers in the US to get more respect and credit than we have received in a long time.” Teachers around the nation, but especially in public school, are excited to have an advocate and helpful hand.  Jill biden pushed for Amanda Gorman to be the  position of Poet Laureate, who spoke beautifully and insightfully and the inauguration, which shows that “She sees both the existing and future value of young people, and she is not afraid to confront difficult issues in order to grow.” explains Broughton teacher, Katherine Gaskins.

    It is so important as a leader, to appreciate the new generations and what they can do to help the nation. Generation Z is all but a quiet one, but that voice of mighty young adults is getting glider because of people like Dr. Biden. Hearing the opinions of these first hand teacher’s gratitude and excitement towards what Biden can do for their cause and life passion, is heart warming and hopeful. 

   Mr. Jones, An AP Government teacher, who knows quite a lot on the topic of politics understands the true meaning of passion for this job explains that ”It is encouraging to know that Jill Biden has lived her life as a teacher and that she will be a passionate advocate for improving our education systems in America.”

   Broughton teachers are just some of the thousands of teachers around the world that are ready to have their voice truly heard by someone who is “one of them,” and will continue to be during her husband’s term.  Yes, there are many things that need to be talked about and fixed within America’s Education system, but it is getting better everyday and will continue to do so. What a time to be a teacher. As Dr. Biden once said, “Education doesn’t just make us smarter. It makes us whole.”