Best style of eggs

   I am a huge egg eater and honestly, if you aren’t, you should become one. Eggs are good for you and if prepared right, can taste delightful as well. They are nutrient-rich, high in protein, raise your good cholesterol levels and more.

   When I was younger, I did not enjoy eating eggs. Over time, as my mom kept pushing me to try them, I realized that they are actually tasty. There is an infinite number of ways to serve eggs so I am sure that you can find a way or two that you enjoy.

   Personally, I would say that omelets or scrambled eggs are the best styles for the following reasons. Cheese, Meat, Vegetables, or whatever you want can be mixed with them. You can top them with anything like herbs, spices, ketchup, hot sauce, etc. They are hard to mess up once you understand the basics of making them. They can be thrown on toast, a bagel, or an English muffin to create a tasty sandwich. Finally, they taste good and the texture is not freaky like some other styles of eggs.

   Other styles of eggs that may be favored by some people include fried and hard-boiled eggs. I’m going to tell you why these styles are far more inferior to my favorites. The customization, or lack thereof, for fried and hard-boiled eggs is just sad. The most that you can do is just throw some spices or herbs on them. It just wouldn’t make sense to throw ham or cheese. in these. Also, nobody really puts a fried or hard-boiled egg in a sandwich. The farthest that a hard-boiled egg will go, will be on top of a salad. Finally, the most important factor: taste. Hard-boiled eggs are extremely bland, in my opinion, and fried egg yolks have a texture that freaks me out so much that I just cannot enjoy them.

   However you enjoy your eggs, I respect your opinion and hope that you respect mine. I don’t hate hard-boiled eggs. They just aren’t anything special. If you are not a fan of eggs at the moment, I strongly suggest looking up a recipe for some simple cheesy scrambled eggs and making them. It could change your breakfasts forever and everybody knows that a good breakfast sets you up for a good day.