Steer Clear of Parking Tickets


  So a student is walking to his car after a long day at school. He has a busy night of homework and sports/arts and does not need another thing to have to deal with. Then he sees his front windshield and tucked in it is a parking ticket for $50. He does not want to have to pay for it, but his parents will not be happy to hear about this. Unfortunately, this is a common phenomenon. Broughton students receive parking tickets often. Luckily, there are ways to prevent this.

  “The average price of a parking ticket is anywhere between $25 to $75 dollars, and the strip is where the most parking violations occur,” officer Foran said.

   The degree of the offense determines how much the ticket will cost. For example, parking in an emergency zone will be a much higher level parking defense than parking just a few extra inches from the curb.

  “Parking the same direction as traffic, being no more than twelve inches from the curb, paying attention to No Parking signs, and parking far enough away from a driveway or fire hydrant are easy ways for students to prevent getting a ticket,” officer Foran said.

  A fun, or maybe not so fun, fact about parking tickets is that the Raleigh Police Department rarely issues parking tickets. Parklink is responsible for tickets, meters, and the maintenance of city own parking areas. Research has shown that teens are more likely to get a parking ticket than the average adult, as it is early in their driving career and teens are just unaware of what gets you into trouble on and off the road. Inform yourself, and save time to park correctly, it will make your life a heck of a lot easier.