First quarter ends


 Report cards will be handed out during a 10 minute CAPS Class this Friday. October 30 marked the end of first quarter and the finalization of grades. Second quarter officially began on November 1, the day after a much needed break for students which coincidentally fell on Halloween.

  From November 6 to 10, students will have to report for a full CAPS Class each day in order to have conferences with their teachers over their report cards.

  On November 10, students will have a scheduled day off from school due to Veterans Day falling on Saturday, November 11. On November 21, there will be an early release which precedes fall break from the 22 to the 24.

  On December 21, there will be an early release prior to winter break from the 22 to January 1. There will be an additional day off on December 15. 2nd quarter will end on December 19.