Top 10 Netflix Shows to Binge

The next time you sit on your couch–utterly devastated as the ending credits of the final season’s finale roll across the screen and you ponder what the meaning of life is: take a stab at these shows on Netflix.

  • “The Crown”- Think about it: you’re in your early 20s, you’re newly married, and you’re about to lead one of the world’s oldest monarchies. For all history buffs, the Crown is about a young Queen Elizabeth preparing to rule as well as navigating her marriage and family. The first season is on Netflix.
  • “A Series of Unfortunate Events”- If you loved these books as kids, here’s bad news: you haven’t seen the last of Count Olaf. This series follows the misfortunate lives of the Baudelaire orphans as they attempt to escape from the evil, greedy hands of Count Olaf. Combining dark humor and music, watch the journey of the orphans. The first season is on Netflix.
  • “Friends”- ‘How you doin?’ Always a favorite, this follows the lives of six friends in New York as they go through, often hilarious, obstacles in life and love. Years later, we still don’t really know what Chandler’s job is. All ten seasons are on Netflix now.
  • “American Crime Story”- The anthology series explores a different crime case each season and keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. Centered on the “trial of the century”, the first season, People vs. O.J. Simpson, shows the inside perspective of lawyers as they fight to determine the verdict of Nicole Brown’s murder and the innocence of her husband O.J. Simpson. Later seasons will follow Hurricane Katrina, Gianni Versace’s murder, and the Bill Clinton scandal. The first season is on Netflix now.
  • “Parks and Recreation”- Set in Pawnee, Indiana, the show follows Leslie Knope as a passionate government employee who adores her job and her friends. Not only does she teach us how to love what we do and accomplish our goals, we never tire of her constant enthusiasm, her affection for her best friend Ann, and her love of waffles. There are season seasons available.
  • “Prison Break”- An innocent brother is in jail with the death penalty (accused of murdering the vice president’s brother) while the other brother tries to devise a plan to help his brother escape. This shows takes course over four seasons, following from the incarceration to the aftermath, with a fifth season releasing soon.
  • “House of Cards” – This political drama has five seasons that follows Frank Underwood, a Democrat from South Carolina’s 5th congressional district and the House Majority Whip. Scorned by not being chosen as Secretary of State, him and his wife use power and manipulation to raise their political standing to gain more power and control in America. There are four seasons available on Netflix.
  • “Switched at Birth”- Two high school girls suddenly find out that the hospital switched them at birth to the wrong families. One girl, Bay, lives in an affluent suburb while the other girl, Daphne, is deaf and lives in a working class neighborhood. The story focuses on the two families as they move in together and try to make sense of their clashing cultures. This is the first show ever to feature many deaf and hard-of-hearing actors along with scenes in American Sign Language. There are four seasons available on Netflix.
  • “American Horror Story”-This show is for all the dark and twisty people who enjoy mystery, horror, gory scenes, and just something plain creepy.  Described as an anthology series, it’s full of dark plot twists and scenarios that make you want to throw your laptop across the room in anger, disgust, or fear. There are six seasons in total, but as of right now there are five seasons available on Netflix.
  • “Narcos”-This crime thriller follows Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar from the 1970’s to 1992. The first season out of two follows American DEA agent Steve Murphy’s pursuit of Escobar in Colombia. Netflix announced they’ll be continuing with a third and fourth season.