Photo by Keegan Quirk

  Ever wished you could interrupt class time for some song and dance? Song-a-grams on Friday, February 10, is an entire school day dedicated to this purpose.

  Students buy anonymous song-a-grams for other students and chose which class period the song will be performed. This is especially fun when students buy song-a-grams for their friends in their same classes.They also can pick from roughly 15 groups of performers, each one singing a different song.

  Some highlights of last year’s song-a-grams were “Bye Bye Bye” by NSYNC, “Love on Top” by Beyoncé, and “Wonderwall” by Oasis.

 Tickets were sold February 6-8 during lunch in the cafeteria for $3 each or two for $5. The event serves as a fundraiser for student government.

   “The proceeds go to cutting down the costs of t-shirts, materials to make signs for football games, and more,” humanities teacher Juliana Pattisall-Williams said.

  Pattisall-Williams also oversees student government. Like the rest of the school, she looks forward to song-o-grams.

  “My favorite thing about song-a-grams is just seeing the students perform for their peers in a casual setting. Sometimes they’re good, and sometimes they’re funny,” Pattisall-Williams said.

 “I love song-a-grams. They’re a good time. It’s always fun to see the performances people put on and hear some songs, both good and amusing,” junior William Morillo said.  

 One of the reasons song-a-grams are so popular is the hidden talent that emerges. Every year, students discover that quiet kid who sits in the back of the classroom is actually the next Beyoncé.

 Another reason students love this historic day is the same reason many teachers loath it – taking away class time.

 “As a human being, I think they’re fun. As a teacher, I think they’re annoying,” art teacher Jodi Aker said.