Students prep for homecoming week

   Homecoming, arguably the most important night in Broughton sports, is just around the corner and students are excited.

  “I’m stoked for my last Homecoming, especially for getting to be Buzz Lightyear,” senior Will Smith said. “I’m being Buzz Lightyear, that’s all I will say,” Smith said when asked if he was in the senior skit or simply referring to Movie Monday.

  Varsity football will play Sanderson at 7 pm on Friday, October 14. The Spartans currently have a record of 4-2 compared to the Capitals’ 2-4, but many students believe Broughton can pull off a win. Tickets will be sold at the gate for $7.

  However, Homecoming is more than just a game; it’s a week full of festivities including a parade, barbeque dinner, pep rally, and Powderpuff game.

  “I love the parade because it brings people from the community into the Broughton family and creates a sense of unity before the football game,” junior Meredith Brown said. As a member of executive cabinet, Brown has helped plan much of the week’s festivities.

  Possibly the most well-known tradition of Homecoming is the themed days of the week, this year from October 10 through 14. Students will meet in a short Caps Class all five days so teachers can tally how many people participated in Spirit Week for a school-wide competition. Here is an overview of what to wear each day:

 Movie Monday: Students dress as their favorite movie characters. Though it’s not required, each student is encouraged to dress as characters from his or her grade’s movie: Finding Nemo for freshman, the Incredibles for sophomores, Monster’s Inc for juniors and Toy Story for seniors.

 Tourist Tuesday: The perfect opportunity to utilize the fanny pack, show off the Hawaiian shirt, socks and sandals, and other tacky tourist items. Students who want to go above and beyond often add a dab of white sunscreen to their noses. Girls participating in Powderpuff are encouraged to wear their Powderpuff jerseys, which will count for spirit week points though they are not tourist-themed.

 Wacky Tacky Wednesday: This day is the most open-to-interpretation day of Homecoming week. For some, being wacky tacky might mean wearing Crocs, while others will go wacky from head to toe. Common accessories include bright socks, tie-dye and crazy hairdos.

 Jerseday Thursday: Students show off their coolest sports jerseys. Some go all out, opting to include face paint, spirited socks and scarves, and even football helmets.

 Purple and Gold Friday: Homecoming week ends with the most school-spirited day. Students usually wear Broughton t-shirts, sport jerseys, or even just a festive purple shirt. This way, students are properly dressed for the pep rally and parade after school.