Song-a-grams bring Valentines cheer

On Friday February 12, Broughton had a day full of performers and singers in the school who  performed in the front of classrooms.  

 Song-a-grams were back and better than ever. Song-a-grams are student acts who will travel throughout the school singing songs to some special individuals. Friends can send these singing acts to their friends, crushes, admirers, teachers, and more. Anyone and everyone in school is deserving of a song-a-gram, so students should made sure they bought them.

 Many students headed on over to the cafeteria during lunch and bought one, or eight, to send to your friends. They choose that special someone, the song and act that they wanted to send, and the class period they wanted to send it to.

  One song-a-gram was $3 or two for $5.  

  Song-a-grams one of the most cherished days of the Broughton school year. Students absolutely love the chance to get class interrupted to see their friends being serenaded in front of the rest of the class.

  “This past Song-A-Grams was my favorite so far this year, because the performers were all good and unique and they entertained our class which was a lot of fun.” Aiken Carter

  Many freshman and new students normally do not know what Song-a-grams are so they do not participate and buy the song-a-grams for a friend but this year many freshman and new students received the message and bought song a grams.