Seal the deal with creative “QOHprosal”

Student Body President, Will Beasley, dressed up as Broughtons mascot, the Caps Crazy, to ask senior, First Vice President, Daisy King, to Queen of Hearts.

Student Body President, Will Beasley, dressed up as Broughton’s mascot, the Caps Crazy, to ask senior, First Vice President, Daisy King, to Queen of Hearts.

   With Queen of Hearts quickly approaching, the typical Broughton student’s Instagram feed is filled with creative posters, food items, and other creative ways guys have asked girls to QOH.

   The Queen of Hearts dance will be held Saturday, February 6 in the Holliday Gym from 9 p.m. to 12 a.m. The theme is Star Wars, which is especially appropriate considering the recent launch of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  

  If you muster up the courage to ask your dream date, you are surely destined for a great night. A poster? Flowers? What about a cookie cake with some balloons? Any way is a great way to ask your date to the Queen of Hearts dance, as long as they post about it on social media.

  Whether you get your girl flowers or make a creative poster, the proposal will be one of the most memorable parts of her QOH experience – so make it worth it. So far there have been many creative QOH proposals from all grade levels that you can use for inspiration.

  “If he doesn’t spend at least $100 on the QOHprosal the answer will be no, sorry, but this girl doesn’t say yes for cheap,” an anonymous source said.

  Others like Emily Reece, junior, prefer the simple approach.

  “I like a proposal that is cute and fun, but simple,” Reece said.

   “Usually people do posters but that’s not cool, don’t do that anymore,” freshman Trinity Harris said, “If you really want to get fancy, go buy some roses.”

   Fortunately, this year the Queen of Hearts proposals have been anything but boring.

     “He had a poster that said, “Roses are red, violets are blue, I was thinking, QOH me and you?” then he gave me a red rose and blue violet,” sophomore Lucy Krueger said. She will be going with sophomore Chris Vinson. “I’m most excited for the dancing,” Krueger said.

  Sophomore Tyler Palmer asked sophomore Anneka Pace by enlisting four friends to paint “QOH?” on their chests. Meanwhile he poked his head out of a car sunroof and asked “Do you wanna go to QOH?” through a megaphone. It was quite the production.

  But not all Queen of Hearts proposals have been picture-perfect. Don’t be afraid of things not going your way, however, because sometimes it can create the best memories.   

 Sophomore Blake Freeman asked sophomore Julia Butler by putting a pingpong ball with “QOH?” written on it inside a blown-up balloon, then instructed her to stab the balloon with a knife. Little did Freeman know, Butler has Popping-Specific Globophobia, or a fear of balloons, specifically when popping them.

  “The proposal was slightly scary, but I’m really excited,” Butler said. It is an event the two will remember forever.

  Sophomore Jacob Wells asked sophomore Parker McLawhorn with a camp-themed poster because they went to Camp Cheerio together. It said, “Hey Seminole! Summer may be over, but camp lasts forever. Cook out with Hatteras?” in reference to their different cabins.   

  You should also consider the element of surprise. Not letting your future date know you are actually asking her before the official proposal ensures the ultimate surprise.

  One example of surprise was executed by sophomore, Jessup Lowe. His girlfriend Wooten Joyce, junior, reflects on her mini heart attack from his proposal.

  “He told me to come over to his house to have dinner with him, and when I walked in he was hiding in the pantry and I called his name looking for him and then he appeared around the corner running towards me in a unicorn costume,” Joyce said.

  No matter how you chose to ask someone to QOH, it’s sure to be a memorable experience for both of you.