Mystery drama

Jack Nickens, Reporter


”The Westing Game,” a mystery by drama teacher Julie Florin opens Thursday, Oct. 23, and runs through Saturday, Oct. 25, in the Diane Payne Auditorium.

Tickets are $5 for students and $8 for adults.

The play’s plot centers on the murder of a millionaire who leaves his entire estate to whomever finds the killer.

“These people don’t know each other. They have been pitted against each other in a chess match,” Florin said.

Florin’s 4B Technical Design class will be designing the set. They are very excited about a new type of set structure called a periaktio. This is a three sided flat with screens and set paintings. It can be used as a wall or a screen, plus other versatile settings.

Senior Martin Stevens is stage manager for this play.

There are eighteen roles and many other understudies and crew members.

“The Westing Game” is based on a book written by Ellen Raskin. Raskin published the book in 1978. it won the Newberry Medal. In 2003 Darian Lindle adapted this book to a play and it was produced by Prime Stage Theater in Pittsburg in 2009.

“This YA (young adult) book has intrigued many students,” Florin said.

This play takes place is a present day apartment building. To replicate this Florin will be using a lot of painting and detail work to replicate an inside environment. The periaktio they are using will take the place of one or two main drapes at the back of the theater. This is an advantage because they can configure these to make many different scenes. They can also have a drape or two but it won’t have to be used for the whole entire play. This is very helpful in making the play run smoothly, Florin said.

The play is a mystery in the true sense of the word.

“’The Westing Game” will keep you guessing until the end,” Florin said.