New clubs comin’ in hot

Ford Hester, Reporter

Wonder what all the traffic and drum beating was about on September 12?  That was the school club fair with the musical performance from the African Drum Club. School clubs can be a fun and interesting way to meet new people at your school and learn something new.  Students are also able to create clubs they think should exist to become a better leader while also doing something they enjoy.  This year at Broughton we had several new clubs established.  The clubs formed include doing activities that benefit the community as well as growing interests that are just for fun.  Many clubs require no experience and are open to everyone at school, which means more people can become more involved.

One new club that has raised interest around the halls of Broughton is the photography club led by junior Cameron Champion and senior Chandler Farthing.  The old photography club was called “Oh Snap Photography”, but was discontinued.  Many were interested in photography, including Champion and Farthing, so they decided to reform this club.

“Taking good pictures is something anyone can do, every one has a camera with them, on their phone, at all times in today’s age so taking pictures is something you can do any time,” Champion said.

Members will not only learn about the different types of photography and famous photographers but also go out and around the Broughton community to capture moments in all kinds of events.  Meetings will be lead by Champion and Farthing with the help of advisors Carol Dukes, ESL teacher, and WCAP teacher Ms. Clarke.

Another club new to the faces of Broughton’s students is Zumba club, practicing the art of dance exercises.  Sophomores Elise Mutter and Lawson Strickland will lead the charge with help from the dance teacher Betsy Graves.  Zumba club will give members the opportunity to exercise in the art of Zumba while listening to some of their favorite songs.

“Zumba is a really fun way to get exercise and meet new people,” Strickland said.

Classes will be held at Broughton and all levels of dancers are welcome.

  Other new clubs include Cub Club, where members will act as tutors for elementary school kids at Lacy Elementary.  Frisbee Club is another club with growing interest. Old clubs are of course still available to join as well.  Joining clubs is a big part of school culture, and with all of these clubs along with many more options, you can get involved