Apple’s thousand dollar “stove burner”


Ashton Neuville

   For the fortunate few who have gotten their hands on a new iPhone 11, the general consensus is that no other phone on the market can rival the newest Apple invention. With a high tech new camera system that varies depending on the model, but all iPhone 11s have a new wide angle camera view. The wide angle camera allows you to take a picture without having to modify the picture to fit in the frame. 

   There are also new editing features for photos and updates on privacy. Many iPhone experts have said that the new iPhone 11 camera is unbeatable by any other phone brand; however, on the other hand, experts are also saying that the design of this new iPhone really is not all that new.

   It still has the same design shape, but has a frosted back glass. Apple found out the hard way that replacing the back glass coated in glue is not the brightest idea. One of the many disadvantages of all of Apple’s iPhone models after the infamous “X” is the glass back. The glass back has been costing people lots of money and is not a cheap or easy repair job to tackle. Many experts say the glass is better cracked then replaced only because it is such a hard and dangerous job. Flying glass and a few cuts is the cost of having to replace the back glass. 

   Apple has come out with some new technology: a laser that cuts around the camera and can go through the glass without penetrating other components of the screen.

   Apple said the main thing they were after with this new update is that they want to be able to improve the camera quality. The photography capabilities of the iPhone 11 are already startling, but apple still wants to progress.

   Additionally, many clients have been stating issues with the latest and greatest iOS v.13. Apple tool box reported many of the issues stated were: the phone battery won’t charge past 98 percent, there is a lagging of the screen, face ID not recognizing their owner’s face. Many clients are facing these issues.

   All of Apple’s clients are waiting for the solution. Apple stated they would be coming out with many bug fixes and the issue is being resolved promptly. This update has been a let-down to many committed customers.