Broughton Athletics preparing for a new season

Essie Corbett

Since March, Wake County sports have been suspended. In September, the Wake County Board of Education approved a new athletic plan, allowing sports to begin as early as October 1st. Since over half of the fall sport season was taken away, sports seasons are being shortened and the start dates are being staggered. 

   In the past, there have been 3 sports seasons, fall, winter and spring, along with 3 start dates, which limited students in which sports they could participate in. In order to fit all of the sports in this year, there are now 6 start dates, and the seasons overlap. Because athletes that participate in multiple sports may now have overlapping seasons, Broughton students are allowed to be a part of 2 teams at the same time. This not only allows athletes to participate in their usual sports, but also gives them the opportunity to try other sports that seasons previously conflicted with their normal sports season. 

   Although sports are coming back, there are new restrictions. Students may only work out in groups of 25 indoors (including coaches) and groups of 50 outside. This could be an issue for sports like football that have larger teams. All participating athletes and coaches will have to answer screening questions and undergo a temperature check. According to HighSchoolOT, “for at least the first two weeks, all workouts must take place on school campuses” and “initially, all sports will be limited to just 2 workouts per week.”