Bubble Basketball


Due to the Coronavirus, professional sports were put on hold last year. Recently, many leagues decided to play their seasons in a “bubble”. Quarantined away from the public and their families, players of these leagues are able to finish their seasons. One of these leagues is the NBA.

   The concept of “the bubble” surfaced months ago as the league tried to continue the season throughout the time of the viral pandemic. With safety as the association’s number one concern, the bubble seemed to be the best compromise.

   The NBA bubble consists of twenty two teams that were all safely transported to the Walt Disney World resort in Orlando, Florida in June. “The bubble” is not a literal bubble, but rather an area of the resort sectioned off for the event.

   Everyone was tested for COVID-19 before entering the bubble, and only essential players, coaches and personnel were allowed to enter the resort. Once the teams arrive at the bubble, they must stay within the bubble until their team is eliminated from the playoffs.

   The teams play in a relatively empty arena where the only fans allowed to attend the game are virtual. Additionally, sound effects and music are used to supplement for the lack of noise in the arena which players are used to.

   The bubble is also considered a platform for the Black Lives Matter movement. The words “Black Lives Matter” are painted across the courts in the bubble. Additionally, many players and coaches kneel or salute during the national anthem and wear BLM warmup shirts to support the cause. Also, at the start of the bubble, players were allowed to add slogans to the back of their jerseys, many of which deal with social justice.

   The teams played 8 games each to determine their standings in the NBA playoffs. 

   As of right now, teams have just finished the semifinal games and are through 1 finals game. In the West, the Lakers, led by veterans Anthony Davis and LeBron James, defeated the Nuggets 4-1. Meanwhile in the East, Miami defeated Boston 4-2.

   Game 1 of the NBA finals was won by the Lakers. They beat the Heat 98-116.  Some stand-out players in game 1 was Anthony Davis who had 34 points and 9 rebounds along with LeBron James who had 25 points and 13 rebounds.  The next game is scheduled for Friday, 10/2 at 9:00 PM.