Chris Cuomo fired from CNN


Courtesy of Evan Agostini/AP Images

   After nearly nine years as a news anchor on CNN, Chris Cuomo has been fired due to his involvement in the coverup of allegations of sexual assault against his brother, former New York governor Andrew Cuomo. 

   Andrew Cuomo resigned from his position as governor on August 23 after more than ten women accused him of sexual harassment, accusations which began in March 2021. Although Chris Cuomo acknowledged at that time that he could not report on the claims involving his brother, it was revealed in May that he had participated in official discussions advising his brother on how to respond to the claims. At that time, CNN called Cuomo’s participation in the discussions “inappropriate,” but did not take any measures against him.

   However, it later became clear that Cuomo had been much more heavily involved than previously suspected. On November 29, the New York attorney general’s office released documents which revealed that Chris Cuomo had used his media connections to gain information about his brother’s accusers and possible future accusers. He was also in touch with Andrew Cuomo’s top aide and helped write many of Andrew’s public statements regarding the allegations. 

   In light of this new information, CNN suspended Cuomo on November 30 and hired a law firm to investigate the events. After the firm recommended that Cuomo be fired, CNN did so on December 4.

  “This is not how I want my time at CNN to end but I have already told you why and how I helped my brother. So let me now say as disappointing as this is, I could not be more proud of the team at Cuomo Prime Time and the work we did as CNN’s #1 show in the most competitive time slot,” Cuomo tweeted after being fired. 

   Although this scandal is still far from settling down, Cuomo, just like his brother, is now also dealing with sexual assault allegations. An unidentified former colleague of Cuomo’s has accused him of sexual misconduct in a letter sent from her lawyer to CNN. 

   Further details have yet to emerge, leading to much speculation about the woman’s identity and whether these allegations played a role in Cuomo’s firing.