What did the first few days of in-person learning look like at Broughton?

   On February 17th, the first group of Broughton students returned to the building for in-person learning. Unfortunately, this also means that the schedule has reverted to 7:25 to 2:18 instead of 8 to 12. Students were asked to arrive around 7:00 am for a health screening and were given a wristband after being screened.

   Both virtual and in-person students attend the first 45 minutes of class and then students log off for the second part of the class. The second half of class is learning support which, for in-person students, is a time used to work on assignments. Virtual students can use this time however they want, but many teachers are using this time as office hours and will no longer hold office hours after school. 

   To ensure the safety of staff and students, administrators have established many new protocols. Certain staircases have been designated for up or down travel during class changes. The 3 Ws- wear a mask, wait 6 feet apart, and wash your hands- are being heavily enforced. For classes in the pods, students have to enter through the ramp and exit down the stairs in the back.

   This year, there are 3 lunches. 1 before 3rd period, 1 before 4th period, and 1 in the middle of 3rd, before the virtual support half of class. Students have to sit 6 feet apart and cannot take their masks off to begin eating until after everyone is seated.