Youth Poet Laureate amazes global audiences with captivating poem

Amanda Gorman recites in front of U.S. Capitol.

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Amanda Gorman recites in front of U.S. Capitol.

 Amanda Gorman, a 22-year-old poet from California, took one of the biggest and most memorable stages in American history. On January 20, 2021, President-elect Joe Biden took the oath of office and was named the 46th president of the United States. 

   At each inauguration, a poet is selected to speak. This tradition began at the inauguration of President Kennedy. Amanda Gorman continued this tradition at President Biden’s and was one to make history. Gorman was named the Youngest Inaugural Poet at just 22-years-old. She made a name for herself and instantly became a role model for younger generations. Gorman proved that anyone can achieve success, even a young African American female. 

   In her poem, “The Hill We Climbed”, Gorman celebrated the United States, not for being a “perfect union”, but for being a country that faces struggles and deals with real world problems. She wrote the poem to tell the American people that change is hard work and takes patience, but it is possible. This is a message that our world and nation needs to hear during this time of uncertainty. 

   Many teachers at Broughton are emphasizing the importance of this work of literature, especially because it is created by a student of the young generation and will have a long-lasting impact on American Society. In Ms. Nichols’ IB English class, the students listened to the speech given by Gorman and discussed the themes of the poem and the importance of Gorman’s message.

   Shortly after the inauguration, Gorman was a guest on The Late Late Show with James Corden and was featured in a short clip in Super Bowl LV. This is just the beginning of Amanda Gorman’s career; she will continue to perform and make appearances on other platforms.