Broughton SportsCenter

Throughout COVID-19, Broughton students and staff have been working very hard to stay connected to students, even though students are unable to see each other in person. As things are slowly trying to return to normal, communication between students is still quite a struggle. 

   In normal times, sporting events are always a fun way for Broughton students to be connected, and this year too! It looks a little different, but students from Broughton’s Executive Cabinet have decided to create a “Broughton SportsCenter” to keep students updated throughout the sports games and seasons. 

   The idea for the Broughton Sports Center is for students to be able to be updated with sports since students cannot attend games right now. The hope is for it to be an Instagram page, similar to the successful BHS Caps Instagram, so students can access it easily. 

   There will be updates throughout the season on the highlights reel of the Instagram page, and the final score will be posted on the page’s main feed, along with additional information about the game including player statistics and play information.  

   “The BHS SportsCenter account has been a great addition this year. As an athlete, it has been awesome for our accomplishments to be recognized since we can’t have many spectators this year. I’m excited to see it grow and get more creative,” Volleyball player, Charlotte Fullbright said.

   This will hopefully be a new way for Broughton students to know about the games, especially during this time where students cannot attend games themselves.