How the magic of Walt Disney World is being kept alive in the mists of a Global Pandemic

How the magic of Walt Disney World is being kept alive in the mists of a Global Pandemic

If you have ever been to Disney before, you remember the parades where Mickey and Minnie would be seen on a float together, waving to the crowd. Or maybe you attended a show or met an iconic character. Perhaps you even stayed late just to see the fireworks and share that magical moment with whoever you were with. 

These can arguably be the most magical moments of your entire trip and are the reason why attendance rates have been increasing yearly. But with the COVID-19 pandemic on the rise, things have looked quite different at the “happiest place on earth.”

After completely shutting down in early March, Disney World quickly responded by reopening only Magic and Animal Kingdom in early July. Some believe the opening of theme parks will lead to a spike in COVID-19 cases, but others feel safe with the precautions in place, taking advantage of the empty parks. Either way, Disney is trying its best to keep the guests and cash coming in, while also keeping up to date with all of the CDC standards.

Although Mickey’s “Not-so-scary Halloween” has been canceled, the spooky season is still quickly approaching. So, if you decide to pack your bags and head down to Florida, here is what you need to know prior to arriving: 

Before entering, guests must access the park reservation system and book their trip at least three days prior. This program will help manage the number of people allowed into each kingdom, along with tracking park attendance. 

All visitors above the age of two are mandated to wear a mask while in the theme park. This includes the facility, staff, and cast members. 

Next, temperature screenings will be done to all guests before admission into certain attractions. Following that, Disney has enhanced cleaning procedures throughout the resort with extra attention being placed on high-traffic areas such as handrails, benches, tables, escalators, restrooms, and even the monorail. 

Lastly, social distancing measures and reduced contact features have been installed to support the safety of all tourists.