Viral influence: fashion in the time of the pandemic

Riley Campbell

    To most, this time period in the history of fashion is quite limited due to the fact that everyone is staying in their house and wearing sweatpants and pajamas all day. Though that may be true in some cases, a creative style awakening is happening all over the country.  What better time to completely change up one’s style, stop caring about what other people think, and wear things that highlight self expression than now?

    During the Coronavirus outbreak, people of all ages, especially teenagers, are sitting on their phones aimlessly waiting for something to interest them or take them away from reality.  This is where the importance of influencers come in.

   “These influencers have moved into a bigger role on social media from people looking up to their style as a main outlet,” said junior Emery Manning. While asking other Broughton students what their favorite new trends in 2020 are, the top 3 were Bandana tops, Air Jordan 1s, and everything pastel.

   People have had a lot of time to come up with cool new trends, outfit ideas and much more. When scrolling through any social media platform, the creativity seen that comes from fashion is plastered everywhere. When kids see that, they have no choice but to feel inspired and create some cool projects of their own. 

    Because students no longer are concerned about their public appearance, virtual school has allowed many students to go the more comfortable route when it comes to fashion. The constant workload, sitting in one place for four hours a day, and not being able to go anywhere leads to more students wearing pajamas or hoodies all day, everyday. There is no shame in this. 

   A trend that virtual school has created is blue light glasses. This new accessory blocks out the blue light from the screen to prevent headaches and eye strain.  The other obvious forced trend in society are masks. Whenever students go back to school, that will be a mandatory accessory everyone is going to have to use in their wardrobe.