Swim team dives into the season

Swimming might be the most captivating sport ever conceived. The swim caps, the goggles, and doing that thing where you flip around and push off the back of the pool just makes it a great sport to watch and participate in.
“The atmosphere is great and it keeps me in good shape,” sophomore Ben Haugh said
Some do it for fun, some are natural born swimmers, and others are just staying fit during the off season for other sports.
It’s a lot of work though; swimmers have practice Monday through Friday. If that doesn’t make you tired just thinking about it, get this. They have to do it from 5:40-6:40 in the morning.
The swimmers get up at 5:00 so think about that next time you complain about getting up at 6:30.
“I love waking up at 5:00, driving to the pool, then going to school every morning.” junior Emerson Blanchard said.
All this time together has made the team pretty close, and they often get food after meets and hang out.
As you might know, Broughton does not have a swimming facility so the kids practice at the Pullen Park pool facility and hold their home meets at TAC.While Pullen Park is located approximately five minutes from Broughton, TAC is a longer drive to Cary.
Swimmers have their meets usually once a week. On meet day the team has captain-led practices. These practices are normally the only breaks that the team gets all week. They play games and take it easy before a meet. Another famous Broughton swimming traditions is the regular dinners before meets.
The season went well for the Caps and is coming to a close. The conference meet was Saturday, January 27.